2015 Senior Olympic Games Registration is now open for Arizona.

DATES AND TIMES:  The 2015 Arizona Senior Olympic Games will be held from Saturday, February 21st through Sunday, March 15th.  Check the sports information for the sports in which you intend to participate for details.  

FEES:  We have tried to hold the line on most fees and there is no increase for 2015 except in cases where the venue cost has risen and must be shared by participants. For most sports, there is a $26 Registration and Processing Fee which includes credit card fees and software fee.  

WAIVER:  All athletes are required to sign or click acceptance of the Agreement, Release and Waiver of Liability. 

AWARDS: Gold, silver and bronze medals will be given to first, second and third place finishers in each age group. Ribbons will be given as is appropriate to the sport. Awards are given Olympic style, giving attention and honor to the winning athletes.  Awards are given at the competition site. If you choose not to stay for the awards ceremony, you must pick up your medal at the ASO offices in Phoenix, or send $3.00 for envelope, postage and handling. 

REFUNDS:  Refunds are given only for bereavement or serious medical reasons and requests must be received by March 20. A doctor’s note or funeral program is required for verification.

TEAM REFUNDS:  Arizona Senior Olympics cannot guarantee the number of teams competing in a particular age group.  Competition is achieved in ALL SPORTS with  the“competing down rule” which allows the Sport Commissioner to combine age groups downward to achieve adequate competition.  Although competition ages are mixed, awards and national qualification are always given by age group.