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S. U. Geriatric Strength and Conditioning Program

Attention Seniors:

Here is your 10-week strength and conditioning program with two levels!  There is a high-impact program for individuals without limitations, and a low-impact program for individuals with limitations.  Before you begin, take the PAR-Q survey at:

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S.U. Geriatric Exercise Survey Results

The Senior University geriatric exercise survey was comprised of 10 questions, and was available and administered online during a 16-day window. The purpose of the Senior University geriatric exercise survey was to determine the current level of health, interest in fitness, and exercise habits and preferences among senior citizen participants. Responses were collected from 24 participants, with seven questions having been answered by all respondents. Numerous participants skipped two of the remaining three questions, while the last question was likely skipped due to an inadvertent mistake, because only one respondent skipped it. Results indicated that the majority of participants were active for about an hour, three or four times a week, in hopes of reducing body weight and improving body mass index.

View the survey results by visiting:

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