Elder Tech Skills Require Lots of Practice: 7 Recommendations

As Our Parents Age

So your older aging parent really wants to get going with a digital device? If so, please think carefully about the learning process.

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In a well-known New York City joke about Carnegie Hall, someone asks a cab driver, “How do you get to Carnegie Hall?” Without missing a beat the answer is “Practice, practice, practice.” This joke has many incarnations and you can read about some of them at the Carnegie Hall website

  1. Practice is essential if an older elder hopes to develop digital device skills. If, as one adult child commented to me, “My dad is interested in all this technology, so he’s taking a class,” I respond positively, but I add a caveat about practicing. I’ll remind my friend that an older elder parent needs to understand that the class or the tutoring session is only the beginning. To use technology well an individual needs to…

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Senior #TeleCare

Senior #TeleHealth Care at a Distance

Often the switch to telecare–technology used to help caretakers provide treatment to their patients off-site–is portrayed as either a nightmare scenario or a much needed panacea for all our healthcare woes. This widely researched study probes what happens when technologies are used to provide healthcare at a distance. Drawing on ethnographic studies of both patients and nurses involved in telecare, Jeannette Pols demonstrates that instead of resulting in less intensive care for patients, there is instead a staggering rise in the frequency of contact between nursing staff and their patients. Care at a Distance takes the theoretical framework of telecare and provides hard data about these innovative care practices, while producing an accurate portrayal of the pros and cons of telecare.http://books.google.com/books/previewlib.js


#Livestrong #MyPlate 2018 App

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Below are credible resources providing additional information for the consumer to complete additional research.  These resources will enable the consumer to make a wise decision about the application.

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Sit #Healthy with Dr. Ben

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