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#Livestrong #MyPlate 2018 App

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Below are credible resources providing additional information for the consumer to complete additional research.  These resources will enable the consumer to make a wise decision about the application.

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Sit #Healthy with Dr. Ben

Do you know a #senior with restrictions who needs to exercise but prefers not to leave the house? #Telehealth Senior University Chair Class may be your answer!
Senior Chair Aerobics is a low-impact exercise program designed for individuals with limitations, and who have been cleared to exercise by a primary care physician.
Senior Chair Aerobics with Dr. Ben:
✔️Provides modifications for all abilities;
✔️Incorporates, but does not require, the use of resistive bands and dumb bells;
✔️Is total body, self-paced, and personal;
✔️Includes strength, flexibility, and stability training;
✔️Are 30 minute sessions via FaceTime or Skype
👉🏻Schedule your first session for FREE👈🏻
⭐️Daily early morning classes coming soon!
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The Power to Save A Life Is in Your Hands! @SeniorsFitness

The Power to Save A Life Is in Your Hands! Personal Health Service Review: American Red Cross #CPR Training By Robelyn A. Garcia, PhD @RGPhD


Figure 1: Hands-Only CPR from www.SeniorUniversity.online

I. Experiential Summary: American Red Cross Citizen CPR (Hands-Only) Training.
Lifesaving health service provided by Senior University (SeniorUniversity.us).
A.  American Red Cross Hands-Only Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
B.  Easy to Learn
C.  No Mouth to Mouth Contact
D.  Appropriate for All Ages to Perform
E.  Created as a Safe Training Alternative to Adult & Pediatric CPR Certification

II. Review
A.  If you see a teen, adult or senior citizen suddenly collapse, hands-only CPR is the
preferred form of CPR. This will increase the likelihood of saving the life of a person
experiencing a breathing or cardiac emergency that occurs outside of a medical or
healthcare facility. Before giving Citizen CPR take the following three “C” steps:
1. CHECK – Check to make sure the scene is safe, tap the person on the shoulder
and ask if they are okay, then look for signs of normal rhythmic breathing.
2. CALL – If the victim does not respond when asked if they are okay or if they
are not breathing, call 911. You may also ask a bystander to call 911.
3. CARE – If the person is unresponsive, begin hands-only CPR compressions.

III. Consumer Advice
A.  It is of utmost importance to check and confirm your American Red Cross Instructor
certifications. In the digital age of e-health and m-health this can be done very easily
at www.RedCross.org/confirm or by calling 1-800- RED-CROS.
B.  Senior University American Red Cross Instructor IDs include but are not limited to:

IV. Results of Senior University Personal Health Training in Citizen CPR
A. Become American Red Cross Trained in Hands Only Citizen CPR in 3 easy steps:
1. Watch The American Red Cross CHECK CALL CARE VIDEO
2. Watch The American Red Cross Hands-Only Citizen CPR VIDEO
3. Receive your Citizen CPR Certificate


V. Call to Action
An important aspect of health promotion is taking reasonable safety precautions;
prudent safety measures must include preparing all household members to deal with medical emergencies in one’s home or community (Barrett, 2013; Senior University, 2018). I highly recommend that adults learn Citizen CPR. Further, if you work in a healthcare, academic, or athletic setting I would also recommend becoming certified in Adult & Pediatric CPR/AED.

VI. References
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8. Senior University Adult, Child, Infant, and Pediatric AED Instructional Video. (2018).

CPR_Personal Product Review_Robelyn_Garcia Download PDF

5 Best #Nutrition #Health #Fitness #Apps

5 Best #Nutrition #Apps Rated (abbreviated from 10 Best)

In this era of heightened interest in health, exercise and fitness there are many tools to help ensure that the road to success is a smooth and stress free.

5 Best Nutrition Apps

1. Fooducate

The Fooducate app is a great nutrition information source and provides the latest health and food facts. It also uses your camera to scan product barcodes so that you know exactly what your food choices contain, from calories to ingredients. Take advantage of the exercise and fitness tracker, too. All this, for free!

  • Calorie and Exercise tracker
  • Community support element
  • Barcode scanning option
  • Some valued options only available in a premium version

2. FatSecret

This app is a multidisciplinary approach to great health. Upon entering a user profile, a plethora of information opens up, uniquely designed to meet individual needs. Calorie counter, exercise support and great recipes (new healthy menus posted daily) make for an overall excellent app. Free to get started.

  • Information and education for every body type, fitness need and diet goal
  • Daily recipe posts
  • Calorie and exercise tracker
  • Detailed – may be a bit intimidating with so many features.  

3. Nom Nom Paleo

If you’re looking for a paleo-specific nutrition app, Nom Nom Paleo is perfect. Recipes, goals, cookbooks and even a podcast combine to make a very cool, very fun nutritional experience. Founded by Berkeley educated foodies, Nom Nom Paleo reflects the love for food and the love for fitness embraced by its creators.
  • Incredible recipes with calorie information and step-by-step, easy to understand instructions
  • Podcast keeps users interactive, educated and up to date
  • A holistic approach to health, combining diet and fitness
  • Less emphasis on weight loss for those desiring a more focused approach in this area
  • No free option

4. Lose It!

The Lose It app lets users input personal weight loss goals and choose a timeline. It then selects a daily calorie intake guideline and further provides within its database a bevy of chain restaurants, grocery stores and food product. In other words, the app not only provides the caloric information users require to meet fitness and health goals, but also takes individuals to the right food choices for success.
  • Awesome technology – sync to the Lose It website or even your doctor’s office with your updated blood pressure results!
  • Forum provides shared motivation, meal planning and insights
  • Daily calorie tracker provides an excellent way for users to stay on top of their overall weight loss goals
  • The focus on exercise is fair. The Lose It app may not provide as much in depth information on the relationship between exercise and nutrition.
  • For premium application there is an annual fee.

5. MyPlate by LiveStrong

This app chronicles weight loss goals, fitness and tells you not only what’s in basic meals, but provides information on your favorite coffee at Peet’s and best crackers at Trader Joe’s. The point is, there seems to be no task too big or small for this wonder app.

  • Individualized exercise development component (build your own circuit course) and mapping features.
  • Excellent journals for calorie and exercise tracking
  • Nice community forum
  • Meal planning and recipes are a bit topical and we’d like to see a little more in-depth nutritional information for each item
Figure 1: The Livestrong MyPlate App on the Apple Watch